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Kara Bord is keeping the tradition of classic pop vocalists alive for a new generation.  With shimmering songs that blend jazz, soul, and R&B, she creates a sound that is new and exciting, yet still feels intimately familiar.  With a lifetime of experience in the music industry behind her, she is now stepping out with a batch of heartfelt songs that will capture the hearts of audiences young and old alike.
Kara’s mother was a founding member of the seminal 60’s girl group ‘The Angels,’ and her father was a prolific songwriter and producer.  Naturally, Kara followed in their footsteps and showed a gift for melody at a very early age.  And while she loved the pop music that her family was famous for, she also found herself irresistibly drawn to artists like Luther Vandross, Miles Davis, and Todd Rundgren, all of whom came to influence her unique style.
Later in life Kara got her official start in show business as a back up vocalist for The Angels.  Singing to large, enthusiastic crowds across the country, she eventually worked up the confidence to pursue her ambitions as a solo career.  Along with her aunt Bibs Brown, also co-founder of The Angels, she began crafting the songs that would introduce her to the world as a solo artist.
Kara’s debut EP ‘Love Songs’ is the culmination of the many years she has dedicated to her music.  Touching on timeless themes of romance, she reveals herself as a singer worthy of carrying on her family’s tradition.  With several new songs in the works for 2021 and beyond, Kara is looking forward to continuing to connect with worldwide audiences for years to come. 
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